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The specially designed sealing metal zipper ensures that SecurityWashbag complies with the mandatory 're-sealable' requirement.

Many airport security points will reject other makes of bag that use other types of zippers as these are not considered re-sealable.

Furthermore, the safety catch on the zipper offers you additional peace of mind - SecurityWashbag will keep your hand luggage safe by sealing in any accidental leakages from your toiletries.

(bag contents not included)

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Restrictions on carrying liquids through airport security are in force around the world including:

United Kingdom - Europe - USA and Canada - South America - Africa - Middle East - Asia - Australia & New Zealand

SecurityWashbag complies with airport security requirements in all these regions and many more.

Avoid airline baggage charges...

SecurityWashbag allows you to carry your toiletries in your hand luggage and avoid paying charges for checking in bags.

The following are just some of the UK airlines, which charge passengers to check in their luggage:

Easyjet / Ryanair / Flybe / Jet2 / Monarch

Check out here exactly how much your airline will charge you to check your baggage into the hold

Why pay up to £1 for a disposable sandwich bag at security when SecurityWashbag offers a permanent and stylish alternative?

Use SecurityWashbag
and save money
every time you fly...

  • New Rules For Taking Liquids Through Security
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