Need to pack toiletries in your hand luggage for your flight?

Want to avoid checking your bags in the aircraft hold?

Fed up with packing valuable toiletries in flimsy sandwich bags?

Why not try SecurityWashbag?

(bag contents not included)

SecurityWashbag is a robust transparent toiletry bag that has been specifically designed to carry liquids, creams and gels through airport security points around the world.

It is fully TRANSEC (UK) and TSA (USA) compliant:
  • Unique sealing zipper mechanism with safety clasp
  • Totally transparent
  • 1 litre / 1 US quart in volume
  • 20 cm x 20 cm dimension
  • SecurityWashbag is compliant with airport security across the world
  • Unique sealing metal zipper and safety catch - seals any accidental leakages from your toiletries within the bag.
  • SecurityWashbag logo - shows airport security staff that your bag is compliant with the volume and dimension restrictions.
Doing Our Bit For the Next Generation...

All our washbags are 100% EVA unlike other suppliers, we never use environmentally damaging PVC in our washbags.

Read for yourself here why SecurityWashbag will never allow PVC to be used in any of our products.

Take away the stress of airport security
checks by using SecurityWashbag

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Restrictions on carrying liquids through airport security are in force around the world including:

United Kingdom - Europe - USA and Canada - South America - Africa - Middle East - Asia - Australia & New Zealand

SecurityWashbag complies with airport security requirements in all these regions and many more.

Avoid airline baggage charges...

SecurityWashbag allows you to carry your toiletries in your hand luggage and avoid paying charges for checking in bags.

The following are just some of the UK airlines, which charge passengers to check in their luggage:

Easyjet / Ryanair / Flybe / Jet2 / Monarch

Check out here exactly how much your airline will charge you to check your baggage into the hold

Why pay up to £1 for a disposable sandwich bag at security when SecurityWashbag offers a permanent and stylish alternative?

Use SecurityWashbag
and save money
every time you fly...

  • New Rules For Taking Liquids Through Security
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